🪄 Exposing Erika Kullberg's 21 million followers Growth Strategy

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Today's topics:

  1. Exposing Erika Kullberg's 21 million followers Growth Strategy

  2. A tool to write Viral Intro Hooks

  3. One recommended video on Crazy Tips from a Money Lawyer Erika Kullberg

Exposing Erika Kullberg's 21 million followers Growth Strategy

Erika Kullberg makes content around personal finance and hacks to save money.

She went viral on TikTok and gained 5 million followers in a 1 month time period.

1. Viral Hooks for Scroll-Stopping

Hooks are the attention-grabber for any short-form content. You need them to stop the scroll.

So you only have 4-5 seconds to grab the attention. If enough people scroll through, the algorithm thinks the video isn't good and shows it to fewer people.

But if enough people stop, the video gets pushed out to more and more people.

Here are some of Erika's top hooks:

  1. "Hi, my shoe has a tear, can I get a new pair?" hook has 75.4 million views

  2. "Hi my AirPods got stolen so I’m here to get new ones for free" hook has 26.9 million views

2. Simple Text on Video's Thumbnail

She uses simple text on the video’s thumbnail that is different from the video's title.

Her text on the Nike video's thumbnail says "Get Free Nike Shoes" while her title says "What Nike doesn’t want you to know about getting a free pair of shoes."

Notice how her video's hook is entirely different "Hi, my shoe has a tear, can I get a new pair?"

Erika Kullberg's Nike TikTok

No wasted words. No repetition.

The text on the video mentions free. Everyone loves free.

All her videos have big promises like "Get Free Nike Shoes" and "Free Money" that entice viewers to pull in.

3. Brand Name Logos

She uses brand name logos in the background of her videos as a green-screen.

People might not recognize her face but they do recognize the brand.

She uses big brand names like Nike, Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, Hermes, Lululemon, and United Airlines to go viral.

Erika Kullbergs TikTok

4. Educational content

She gives educational stuff that you can use it yourself. She shares ways to get more for your money and get things for free.

This makes the content shareable.

People who like the tip will share it with their friends, tag them, or save it later to use it themselves.

This tells the algorithm to push the content further.

5. Us vs Them

Every one of her videos has a 2-person skit.

Even though both her personas act similar considering she's not an actor, it helps viewers recognize the difference between 2 characters as she wears different clothes.

She unites her followers against a common enemy (big brands hiding loopholes/savings.)

She drops the "convincing" rope and stands with her followers instead of against them.

6. Easy To Understand Language

She doesn't use any jargon.

Everything is explained in plain English that anyone can understand.

This makes her content globally understandable.

Remember, the biggest TikToker in the world is Khaby Lame, the comedian who doesn't use any words in his TikToks.

7. Become a Meme

She uses the same tagline "She has no idea I know. Watch this!" in every one of her videos which became a meme.

8. Instant Credibility

She has named her handle as "Money Lawyer Erika" which stands out.

This gives her instant credibility to talk on those topics.

9. Mass Market Reach

Her content can benefit virtually anyone in any country as personal finance and saving money are universal interests.

This gives her content a "mass market" appeal beyond niche audiences.

Everyone wants to save money or get great free stuff.

It allows for extremely widespread growth by resonating with such a large subset.

10. CTA to get followers

Her videos end with a memorable call to action to encourage audience engagement, following, and sharing.

Every video ends with "Who taught you this? Erica did. She's a lawyer and reads the fine print so I don't have to. That's why I follow her."

She went viral before using this CTA and got very few followers. But after using this CTA, she got 1 million followers from a single video.

11. Cross-Platform Promotion

Short-form videos are everywhere. You can create the content once and post it multiple times on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat without too much effort. Tools like Reuse Video make it easy.

Out of her 21 million followers, Erika got more than 8 million followers from reposting her old videos on Instagram.

In short, Erika's tips are universally useful but she also nails the packaging of her videos that make her go viral. She recommends creators to build their own Email List and SMS List as she knows that no matter your following, social media is still a rented land.

If you want the 600-pages of notes I took for this post, share a link to this newsletter on your favorite social media and reply back to this email with a link to it so I can send you the notes. The notes contain more examples in-depth.

A tool to write Viral Intro Hooks

Viral Intro Hooks is trained on top 5000 viral hooks so you can rewrite your hooks for your next TikTok, Youtube Shorts, or Reels video easily.

I tried it for headlines and it’s really good.

Remember, I mentioned in yesterday's newsletter how you can rank #1 on ChatGPT using AI SEO. This tool ranks #1 if you google "Viral Intro Hooks" thanks to it being a ChatGPT Plugin.

Turns out, ChatGPT Plugin is a good SEO strategy that I hadn't thought of.

This video covers actual tips on money hacks by a lawyer who reads the fine print. It features Erika Kullberg herself.

You probably haven't heard of half the tips before. Me, personally, haven't heard of any of them. The value of insights per minute on this video is insane. I learned about the 7-day rule and the utility rule.

Stalk her socials for crazy good marketing strategies.

Tweet of the day

To beat TikTok, Instagram is coming in on offense.

They give better reach if you post more aka high-frequency videos. Think 4-10 reels per day. And now they even have a way for brands to find influencers so both benefit.

Rabbit Holes

  1. I have one thing to say. - Behind the scenes of what happened of the Google SEO leak by the guy who knew it for 45 days before it happened. He makes an important point about thinking like Sun Tzu. Never let Big Tech know their exploits so you can exploit them fully. I remember a guy ranking on the word "hormozi" on YouTube tweeting it all out rather than just exploiting it to his advantage and raking tons of money from it.

  2. The Youtube Playbook That Drove $1.5M Sales In 90 days - YouTube Long Form has a $7 RPM. RPM means Revenue per 1000 views. The highest of any platform. TikTok has $0.005 RPM and YouTube Shorts has $0.4 RPM. Shorts are for subscribers and longs are for monetization. Don't forget to target people with higher RPM aka Whale Baiting.

  3. Don’t choose the wrong acquirer: how Tiny killed Dribbble & Creative Market - Inversion is one of the best mental model. Learn what to do but definitely learn what not to do.

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