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Today's topics:

  1. Whale Baiting

  2. A tool to calculate the engagement rate of your favorite Instagram Influencer

  3. One recommended video on Whale Bait - Attracting High Quality Followers

Whale Baiting

There are 2 types of followers:

  1. Fish: Low-quality, tire-kickers

  2. Whales: High-quality, potential buyers

The key is to attract whales, not fish.

Most people struggle to attract high-quality leads not because they lack whales in their audience, but because they are using the wrong "bait" (content) to attract them.

Whale bait is content that is specifically tailored to the interests and needs of your ideal client (aka the "whale"). It focuses on their pain points, desires, and goals.

If you focus on engagement metrics (likes, comments, etc...), it can lead you to attracting fish followers, while focusing on quality leads requires an entirely different approach.

If you make the right content, you can make $1m per year with just 5800 followers. True story for a niche within a niche. It doesn't matter if you get 12 likes and 1-2 comments, you can still make millions per year with 5800 followers.

Alex Hormozi only posted business content for 30 days instead of relationship advice, marriage advice, gym advice, diet advice on his YouTube channel.

This attracted the right audience (business owners with deep pockets) for his company Acquisition.com.

The same is true for JK Molina who has 215,000 followers on X. He says he built that audience wrong.

So he did a complete 180 for Instagram where has only 15,441 followers. And he made $752,000 from that Instagram Audience by Whale Baiting instead of Fish Baiting.

JK Molina's Likes Ain't Cash Model

JK Molina's Diagram on Fish Followers Don't Matter

Hat tip to JK Molina’s Instagram for the diagrams.

A tool to calculate the engagement rate of your favorite Instagram Influencer

Instagram Engagement Calculator is a cool tool if you want to try Instagram Influencers.

Most brands pay way too much for a Influencer with Bot Followers. Engagement is how you check if the followers are actually real or not.

Pro-tip: Check the comments section too for obvious AI-generated comments. It will get harder day by day.

This video is a nice primer on attracting high quality followers plus doing the agency model in a novel way so you work 3 hours a day to make $100k per month with systems.

A few insights that I liked:

  1. Rev Share and Retainer Model: "We were doing like 60k in sales for that client with 15% rev share. We ended up negotiating down to 5% and my retainer went way up."​​

  2. Case Study Stacking: "All you do is you get a case study, use it in your marketing to get another case study, use it in your marketing to get another case study, and over and over and over."​​

  3. Context in Case Studies: "If I post somebody making $10,000 a month, you just swipe it. But if I say this person has 500 followers and is making $10,000 a month, because you have context, you put yourself in that position and understand how that works."​​

  4. Disagreeing with Industry Norms: "When I started posting about selling without sales calls, I got maybe 3,000 views per video. But it got me really good leads, like selling a 70-person workshop at $100 per person."​​

  5. Total Addressable Market (TAM): "I had a client in a niche where the total addressable market on Twitter was just not that big. We did everything—ads, retweets—but we just couldn't grow."​​

  6. Using Viral Frameworks: "Find viral proven frameworks, the low-hanging fruit of content, especially if you're new. Use your own personal opinion and experience to spice it up."​​

Tweet of the day

In this video, Alex Hormozi shared a cool secret about making money on YouTube.

He said that when a video has a high RPM (that's revenue per thousand views), it means business owners and rich people are watching those videos.

My super smart friend told me the reason behind high RPM is that someone wealthy is watching and buying expensive stuff. Maybe it's like a $10,000 course or maybe they end up becoming a client and paying a ton.

But the point is, high RPMs happen when rich people are tuning in and spending big bucks in those specific topics and ads.

So basically, if your videos are getting played for a crowd with deep pockets, you can make way more money from ads and selling to them than from regular viewers.

It's all about tapping into that premium audience.

Rabbit Holes

  1. 5 𝕏 subscriptions that every entrepreneur needs - If you want to get some influencer's attention, subscribe to them. <$50/month to get into someone's good books. Seems like a fair trade especially if its a long-term play. Way cheaper than Exclusive Clubs and you can build relationships from comfort of your home.

  2. Reddit is full of bots: thread reposted comment by comment, 10 months later - So the Dead Internet Theory was true after all.

  3. AirBnb: The Growth Story You Didn’t Know - Other than spamming Craigslist, AirBnb tried a lot of growth hacks like selling cereals.

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