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Today's topics:

  1. Hilarious Instagram Growth Hack

  2. A tool to analyze Best X Posts

  3. One recommended video on Building High-Tier Links in 1 minute

Hilarious Instagram Growth Hack

Mike Jiang is an Instagram Influencer who’s got 146k Instagram followers and 10 million views by doing nothing.

His bio literally reads:

"People say ‘nothing is impossible’

Well I do nothing everyday

And for some reason, people follow me for it 🤷🏻‍♂️”

Mike Jiang Hilarious Bio

His strategy is very simple. He makes videos on doing nothing.

Mike Jiang Hilarious Instagram Growth Hack Day 10

His script reads like this:

"Day 10 of doing nothing for every Instagram follower I have. Today, I have a 135K of you lazy bums following me and I'm so grateful for that but real question... when do you guys get bored of these videos?? Because they are the exact same videos over and over again."

Pretty good following for 10 stupid reels.

And he has got lucrative sponsors and a pretty good engagement on new videos too.

There is a trend going on of "Taking a sip of milk for every follower I have" or "Doing one punch for every follower I have" so he copied the trend but instead of doing something, he's doing nothing.

That's a lot of followers for a gimmick.

And this is not the only case.

I Go Meow Daily has 38 posts and 46K followers.

I Go Meow Daily Hilarious Instagram Growth Hack

And if you check the related accounts, you'll see @igomeow.official also has 53 posts and 95K followers.

Another account @i_go_meow_daily has 33 posts and 20k followers.

Many accounts doing the same thing. It looks like a single person is behind these Meow's accounts. But it has definitely fooled Instagram's algorithm.

Maybe in future, they change their niche or sell the Instagram account.

This doesn’t need a lot of effort as they are posting the same reels every single day so I’d say pretty good following for little work.

Hat tip to David Park and Hieu for bringing this to my attention.

A tool to analyze Best X Posts

Super X is a terrific tool to get super insights for your X (Twitter) activities and engagements.

It shows activity insights, engagement insights, user interactions, and more.

This video is a terrific Link Building Case Study for building High-Tier Backlinks.

I never thought it would be so easy.

Tweet of the day

Pomp knows how to ask great questions.

If you ignore the most popular books in the replies by blue checks, you will find unique books you never would've found.

Some that I found intriguing from the replies are The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Evil by Roy Baumeister, Outlive by Peter Attia, and Broken Money by Lyn Alden.

Rabbit Holes

  1. The $1.80 Instagram Strategy To Grow Your Business or Brand - Most people who think Gary Vee is overrated haven't actually watched or read Gary Vee. This $1.80 strategy works across socials. And the naming is absolutely badass.

  2. Reddit is quietly changing the way its homepage works - Reddit went from #80 site in the world to #7 site in the world. And nobody knows this but when something changes drastically, there is a short window when you can exploit the algorithm to your advantage. Reddit is going to change now thanks to its partnership with Google and OpenAI. Keep exploiting it so you find opportunities that very few will.

  3. How Much Do Instagram Accounts Sell For? - Social Media's best kept secret is account selling. Celebs aren't the only one buying accounts. 0 to 1 is frankly very hard. But you can buy an account for a price in your niche, change the username, and start getting engagement right away. People have fickle memories so use it to your advantage.

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