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Today's topics:

  1. IndiePage and Shipfast as a Marketing Channel

  2. A tool to 10x your company's reach on LinkedIn

  3. One recommended video on 13 Years of Marketing Advice in 85 Mins

IndiePage and Shipfast as a Marketing Channel

IndiePage by Marc Lou is like a mini Product Hunt for Makers/IndieHackers.

There are ~8000 Makers on there. But they are very active.

There is also a leaderboard that lists the top products by revenue.

Marc has a sister site Shipfast with another leaderboard.

Shipfast Leaderboard

Marc is a phenomenal marketer and he brings in a lot of traffic himself with his 100k+ X followers, 70k YouTube subscribers, and 20k+ newsletter subscribers.

The good thing about buying Shipfast for an already successful product is you directly jump on to the top slot like Fraser did with his 100kDatabase and FindInfluencers.

They just bought a Lifetime deal for $45 and jumped on top of the leaderboard. The only thing you need is a Stripe-verified payment processor.

Now if your audience is Makers and IndieHackers, then it makes sense to buy a IndiePage for $45. And if you are making a lot of money already via Stripe, then you'll get more attention as Marc and others promote the heck out of it.

Remember just like Google, top 10 gets outsized results. Not even top 10, its probably top 3.

According to Zipf’s Law — winners win big. Usually way bigger than everyone else combined.

Vanilla ice cream, the most popular ice cream flavor, is 2x more popular than Chocolate, which is the 2nd most popular flavor.

Seth Godin in his book “The Dip”

Vanilla Icecream sells 10x more than Chocolate Icecream

So the point is to be in the top spots. And its much better if you have a tool that sells specifically for Makers.

Megaphone, FindInfluencers, Niche Tools, and Maker Ads Guide are perfect products for this particular audience.

In short, buy Shipfast and IndiePage if you have makers as your target ICP, share your Stripe-verified revenue, and get lots of traffic.

Marc is also building ProductHunt competitor and Acquire competitor which is a great marketing strategy to get more people to buy his product to list on those sites.

A tool to 10x your company's reach on LinkedIn

Copost is a mind-blowing idea that is bound to blow up.

The creator of this tool formerly co-created Lemlist, which was valued at $150 million around 3 years ago.

The problem Copost solves is basically creating an Engagement Pod with your own team instead of creating it with strangers who might not have the same goals as you.

So this tool essentially helps you crack the LinkedIn Algorithm without breaking TOS because you are working on the same team.

This video had bangers after bangers.

If you want to get a marketing masterclass, watch it.

There were many frame breakers but one I especially loved was creating 50+ hooks and only 3-4 CTAs for 1 ad.

For context, hooks are at the start of the video and CTAs are at the end.

"On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar."

~ David Ogilvy

Tweet of the day

This is the future.

Great for those who don't like to make videos but still like to make money.

Just use AI Influencers.

Some genius is probably cooking up a Programmatic AI Influencer Script Generator so you can ask AI to write 100 variations from 1 prompt and get 100 different ads to scale this to infinity.

Rabbit Holes

  1. We’ve tried Reddit Ads for newsletter promotion and paid between $1.5 and $2 per subscriber - Paid Ads are great because they scale but it costs more money unless you build a brand to get outsized returns on advertising. Organic gets you much better returns when you use growth hacks but requires a lot of time and skill. Best is probably a combination of both. In the initial stages, growth hacks are a better idea when you have little money.

  2. Email Deliverability… $h!t’s About To Hit The Fan! - With great powers comes great responsibility. When something gets too mainstream, it stops working. That's why experts don't tell their secrets until it stops working. When ZLib got famous on BookTok, it got seized by FBI and the website was banned. Now the same is going on with Cold Email. Every growth hack has a time window. Exploit it before it gets mainstream and stops working.

  3. Product To Distribution - Know when to go from focusing on Product to focusing on Distribution. This is what differentiates startups from big companies.

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