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The Spells Master is back!

Welcome to the 65th issue.

Today's topics:

  1. Sell Every Email

  2. A trick to Bypass Paywalls on a Content Site

  3. One recommended video on How To Rank #1 with ChatGPT to Make Money FAST!

Sell Every Email

Recently, I noticed Niche Site Lady’s move from SEO to Social Media.

So I was reading through her Newsletter Archive and noticed a cool pattern.

In every email, she tells her story on what she did to increase traffic or any updates.

But on every email, she sells.

Niche Site Lady Newsletter Archive

You see the links in here are affiliate links so if someone clicks through them, she gets a commission.

This is an easy idea but I haven't done it yet for this newsletter.

All the links in these 60+ issues could've been affiliate links but its so easy to forget to do the basics.

This is a great way to supplement your income because people are going to click and some are even going to buy. You might as well make a commission.

And an even better way to do it at the end of each post is to link to all your favorite tools at the end of each blog post.

She Knows SEO Blog

Years ago, Logrocket, a Web Developer SaaS, grew this way.

They wrote 100s of Tech Articles and linked to their own tool at the end of it.

Simple optimization but most people aren't doing it. Go check your favorite blogs and newsletters to see for yourself.

A trick to Bypass Paywalls on a Content Site

If you want to read a post on Starterstory, you will see a popup if you scroll a bit. You can’t close this popup. The only option is to enter your email.

But you can bypass the popup using a very simple trick:

  1. Append cache: to the URL and type it in the Google Search Bar like cache:starterstory.com/stories/audiopen in this case

  2. Click on Text Only to read the article

This video explains how you can use ChatGPT to get more leads to your website.

Product as Marketing is old. ChatGPT as Marketing is new.

It covers how to build topical maps on ChatGPT. A simple masterclass in AI SEO.

Tweet of the day

It was Dave Chappelle who had a skit where he said, “Men would live in a cardboard box. If it weren't for women, they wouldn't even buy a house.”

This is one of the reason why Pinterest has better cost per conversion. For context, most of the audience of Pinterest is middle-aged women with lots of money.

Rabbit Holes

  1. Best Portfolio I've seen in a while - This is how you sell yourself as a creator. Easily the most interesting portfolio I've seen in a while. Hits me with social proof after social proof with actual results.

  2. How To Make Money Mass Video Uploading On Theme pages With Sweepstakes - This is a private Google Doc on Sweepstakes but has a lot of secret sauce most won't share. You don't have to do Sweepstakes but you can definitely borrow ideas from here.

  3. The Submarine Is in Trouble in Japanese - This covers various ways you can be a content creator. In the attention economy, you can't afford not to create content unless you have massive amounts of money to spend on paid ads. But even learning paid ads require most content marketing principles of generating good ideas, understanding hooks, psychology, cta's, and all kinds of stuff. This post covers everything from YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Student, Locksmith, Employee and a Freelancer.

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