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  1. AI Generated Comments

  2. A tool to Boost your presence on Social Media

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AI Generated Comments

AI Generated Comments are popping up on YouTube.

Today, I was researching "AI Influencers" making Faceless YouTube videos and stumbled upon an unusual pattern on YouTube while scrolling through comments.

This pattern will be replicated on Reddit and all kinds of UGC Platforms in the future. It’s already been happening.

Every smart SEO knows that Google and ChatGPT will rank keywords mentioned most on UGC platforms like Reddit mostly due to their partnership.

But you can see this trick applied to YouTube comments section as well.

When I was researching, I checked the comment section of this video and found something interesting. Can you spot it?

AI Generated Comments Famester 1

This AI Generated comment is sneakily promoting Famester.

And this isn't the only YouTube channel doing it.

I was checking out another video and found yet another realistic looking comment.

AI Generated Comments Famester 2

I bet every video that is under the AI Faceless niche has realistic comments like this promoting Famester.

AI Generated Comments for SaaS

Now if you have a SaaS in the SEO niche, you can scrape every SEO channel and keep posting relevant info under their comments section when a video goes live and get it a few likes for it to stay on top.

You can put additional tips or mention the SaaS sneakily like the comments above.

For example, if you are a Semrush alternative, you can write comments like "I like using Keysearch which is like Semrush but cheaper."

Since YouTube is owned by Google and all big AI companies love scraping data including YouTube, they will use this data to rank the top tools above.

The trick is not to do mass comment at once but slowly warm up the comments on videos while using variations of comments so they look human enough.

YouTube makes it hard to find comments of users unlike Reddit so you can easily get away with it.

On Reddit, you have to fool mods of a particular Subreddit and the algorithm.

A tool to Boost your presence on Social Media

Famester, the tool mentioned in the above comments, is used to boost your social media presence.

To rank on Google, what matters is click velocity.

If an article shows up on Google and lots of people click it because the title is so intriguing, then Google (or any algorithm) will think its good so it will show it to more people.

Famester gives you that initial boost.

This video got 607k views.

It uses Faceless AI video and it has gone viral. The channel only has 86k subscribers and the AI generated video is very bad.

If the concept is applied to a different niche, this will kill it.

In 2024, video is not an exception. Video is necessary. Thankfully, AI has gotten so good that you can fully generated AI videos if you don't want to be a famous influencer.

"You want to be rich and anonymous, not poor and famous."

~ Naval Ravikant

This is a quote I'd like to live by.

Tweet of the day

I am not doing this but I should be doing this.

Do these basics of SEO and you will get 2-3x more clicks without doing anything else. Yes, it is a simple tweak that most people don't know about or do.

Next time you search for something on Google or YouTube, see if they are doing these basic things depending on your search query. 99% of the blogs or videos aren't doing it.

Rabbit Holes

  1. How I Created a Viral Dancing AI Influencer (Free + Easy + $$$) - When lipsyncing gets better, this will be used worldwide. A Korean influencer has made more than 2 million dollars using this technology.

  2. If you want to see how Google works in real time this is it - You know I talked about Click Velocity above. Yeah, this is a real example from a decade ago. All Algorithms are downstream of this.

  3. Commentdämmerung - 4 years ago, someone predicted AI generated comments. And today, it is possible to write human-like comments using AI. You just need to know how to prompt. Pro-tip: Ask ChatGPT to avoid purple prose and see what happens.

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