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  1. Trendjacking

  2. A tool to Write AI Comments to Squeeze SEO Juice

  3. One recommended video on How To Make Viral Shorts


Trendjacking is the art of inserting your brand into popular conversations by creating content around those topics or events to connect with your audience and draw attention to your products and services.

The Google Algorithm Leak was a recent trend that was affected the SEO community or anyone who had a niche site which is countless people.

So what Edward Sturm did was cover "Google Algorithm Leak" countless times.

Trendjacking on Google Algorithm Leak

He made videos on the same story 7 times:

  1. Google Algorithm Leak: 14,000 Google Search Ranking Factors in Google’s Biggest Leak Ever - 26,000 views and 108 comments (Posted on 29th May 2024)

  2. Google Algorithm Leak: Why So Many SEOs Have Suffered - 2,323 views and 14 comments (Posted on 29th May 2024)

  3. How & Why the Google Algorithm Leak Happened - 2,233 views and 13 comments (Posted on 30th May 2024)

  4. Reactions to the Google Algorithm Leak - 355 views and 17 comments (Posted on 31th May 2024)

  5. Rand Fishkin’s Revenge: The Google Leak 10 Years in the Making - 408 views and 2 comments (Posted on 1st June 2024)

  6. The Google Algorithm Leak: How to Do SEO Now - 1,778 views and 11 comments (Posted on 4th June 2024)

  7. Google Algorithm Leak Findings Exposed by SEO Experiments - 498 views and 12 comments (Posted on 6th June 2024)

He targeted different variations of the keyword but he specifically made sure to use the keyword "Google Algorithm Leak" on every one of these or "Google Leak" in one video.

And if you search for "google algorithm leak" on YouTube, you'll see his 34 mins video which he first posted is ranked #9 despite having only 2,350 YouTube subscribers.

It got him 26,000 views and 108 comments.

Google Algorithm Leak 9th position on YouTube

Most people (including me) would have milked the leak once. Not Edward. He milked it 7 times in 7 different variations.

His videos will probably show up in YouTube recommendations too.

Do this enough times on enough events in your industry and people will naturally follow you.

Remember, you don't buy something you see for the first time. You see it enough times before you actually give it a shot.

Constantly trendjacking is the way to go. His other videos get around 500 views on average but the one he trendjacked got 50x more views.

And the bigger the event, the higher the trendjack if you do it at the right time.

Posting an article or doing a video within <15-30 minutes to 1 hour after a big event will get you more views than anything else.

This works across platforms. Many AI newsletter creators built 7-figure businesses using X with a combination of Trendjacking.

A tool to Write AI Comments to Squeeze SEO Juice

Comment Goblin is a simple AI Comment Writer for WordPress sites.

Backlinks have always mattered and the Google Leak confirms it. And the oldest trick in the book is getting backlinks from other sites' comments section.

Comment Goblin provides a solution for it by making realistic looking AI comments.

This video is yet another good example of Trendjacking on video platforms.

If you are a content creator, you need to trendjack to get additional views easily.

The trick is to rank #1 with search. And you only need to cover 1 big event to get more eyeballs. Do it consistently and the algorithm starts favoring you.

This works across platforms.

Tweet of the day

You don't need to come up with original ideas. Just copy what YC accepted.

Most YC startups aren't bad. Most are just not good enough to be unicorns. But they are great as a lifestyle business making $100k-$500k per month for founders.

Samwer brothers used to copy American Startups and made their billions that way. We need a new kind of brothers... the ones that copy YC startups.

The trick is to position uniquely and offer cheaper alternatives to YC startups.

The hardest thing here is to work harder than the founders of YC startups. And that's really hard especially since they have an environment specifically built for startup hustle. The environment is the most overlooked competitive advantage of YC.

Rabbit Holes

  1. Creativity faucet: Increase your creativity - One of the most valuable writing skills is the ability to generate novel ideas. This guide gives you the framework to generate novel ideas. And this works for any creative field other than writing as well.

  2. How to get customers with free tool marketing - Programming as Marketing is a pipe-dream for developers who like building things but not market it. And this is an easy to way to increase time spent on site to increase Google's dwell time which sends positive signals to Google.

  3. My SEO took off and now brings in sales passively - A common misconception is SEO won't work anymore. It will. But it'll be much harder than before as Google prioritizes ranking high-authority websites. This makes it much more harder to start.

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