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Today's topics:

  1. The Viral Genius behind Ice Cream TikTok

  2. A futuristic tool to analyze Visitors with Heatmaps, Funnels, and Session Replay

  3. One recommended video on getting 1,000 newsletters subs from Twitter for free

The Viral Genius behind Ice Cream TikTok

Dylan Lemay is the viral genius behind his TikTok videos around Ice Cream.

Dylan used to make $10 an hour at an ice cream shop, but now he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Dylan's playbook is simple.

1. The Novelty Effect

Dylan creates videos on Ice Cream. This content is novel in the world of short-form.

The more unique your content is, the easier it is to go viral.

This phenomenon is also known as the first-mover advantage.

Just being a first at something can often be used as a growth hack.

Dylan often throws the ice-cream in the air while catching it which is often a cool trick that not many have seen before.

2. Multi-narrative storytelling

The most successful videos tell multiple stories at the same time.

In Dylan's case, his videos typically involve showing something unexpected (like using two hands to film while seemingly holding the phone with one hand), the creation process of the ice cream itself, and sometimes even a story told through audio.

For example, one of Dylan's videos is a POV (point-of-view) video of him making ice cream with two hands, while seemingly holding the phone with one hand.

3. Transcending the language barrier

Dylan's videos are visually appealing and can be understood even without sound.

This is great as people can just watch someone doing something without having to understand what they are saying.

It helps his content transcend language barriers.

4. Looping videos

The most engaging videos tend to loop seamlessly, making viewers watch the video repeatedly.

This increases the watch duration of a video from 100% to 125%, 150% or sometimes even 200% as it takes time to grasp if you are in a loop or if its a new video on short-form sites like TikTok.

This essentially tricks the algorithm into thinking the video is so good that the audience watched it again, essentially making it go viral.

Building an audience on TikTok made Dylan quit his job and start his own store aptly named 'CATCH'N Ice Cream' in New York.

A futuristic tool to analyze Visitors with Heatmaps, Funnels, and Session Replay

The dashboard covers everything in one place from Heatmaps to Funnels to Session Replay.

Its like Mixpanel but the UI covers everything in a birds-eye view, especially good for SaaS founders.

This video covers how you can get 1,000+ newsletters subs from Twitter for free using automation.

They are especially great if you want to send DMs to those who follow you on socials.

It takes less time and many people do reply if you setup a good Cold DM script.

If you want to see how to write good Cold DMs, make sure to sign up your friends and family to this newsletter and check the Welcome email.

Tweet of the day

The people who watch your short-form video watch other short-form videos.

The people who read your newsletter read other newsletters.

You can't make someone watch a video if they only like reading no matter how enticing the video.

They simply won't click on videos.

Rabbit Holes

  1. How to write a Sponsorship Page - This page contains all the best practices of a Sponsorship Page. Read it, reverse engineer it, and make your own mimicking it if you have eyeballs to sell.

  2. How Facebook dug up intel on Snapchat users - Every big company uses shady tricks that are illegal. If you think they don't, you just don't know enough about its history. Reason why OpenAI's leadership never answered the question what their video model Sora is trained on. Hint: Pirated Movies and Copyrighted YouTube Videos.

  3. Growing to $6.8M and 1M followers in 5 years - Social Media isn't good to have anymore. Its a must-have. You won't get discovered if you aren't on socials. This is how network works whether its in real life or digital life. Just like no one would find you if you don't go out of your home, no one would find you if you don't post on socials. And this guy has mastered social like no one else.

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