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  1. Women Pretending To Be Men On The Internet

  2. A tool to Google Search from a different location & device

  3. One recommended video on Sneaky Way to Use Google Ads For Your SaaS

Women Pretending To Be Men On The Internet

We've already covered why men should pretend to be women on the internet to get more opens and replies.

Now I've found people who do the opposite.

This is not just one off.

There are some niches that you can really exploit if you pretend to be a man.

If you have really good insights on men but you are giving it as a women, it generally doesn't hit the same notes.

Yes, you can blow up fast if you post your own pics sometimes as a woman but if you like to be anonymous, this is a good alternative.

And Anonymous Profiles blow up easily.

Especially those incely accounts were popping off left, right, and centre during 2020 when Tate was blowing up.

You just had to larp the same message Tate was giving or you could post his own videos to blow your own account.

Let's be real, most accounts like that on X are just rehashing the same 180 tweets every 6 months.

Most of those tweets are scheduled by a bot so you only need <50 hours of work (one-time) to run an account forever.

Now with AI, you need <10 hours to run 10+ accounts for engagement farming.

AI Agents will make this much easy.

For example, if I had to run The Ad Professor's account using AI, I'd hook it up with Facebook API to stalk top brands and post the ads that run for more than 3 months. This would be fully automated via AI.

A tool to Google Search from a different location & device

U Search From allows you to simulate using Google Search from a different location or device.

It is useful for searching Google as if you were somewhere else and for SEO & SEA testing. Great for Local SEO.

If you live outside of the US, instead of paying for a VPN, you can use U Search From to show non-personalised results from the US. It's free after all.

This video shows you a dirty way to use Google ads against your SaaS competitors and shows you how you can protect yourself from competitor ads at the same time.

Tweet of the day

I never thought the 1st single-person billionaire would be someone who likes to speculate on stocks although accurately.

I thought it'd be someone who becomes a billionaire using AI.

Apparently, we live in a simulation.

"The most entertaining outcome is the most likely"

~ Elon Musk

Rabbit Holes

  1. Yeezy Dating - Now everyone hates Kanye but when he was loved for his craziness, someone built a dating site for his fans. And it went viral. The backstory has so many insights and growth hacks that you can use them to this day.

  2. Spy 🕵️‍♀️ on your competitors with these tools - The fastest way to learn is to spy on your competition. Don't steal the ad, steal the conept and add your own flavor to it.

  3. There are no secrets left - For the 1st time in human history, we are facing information overload. And most of us don't know how to deal with it. Every secret on startups and marketing is out there. You just need to find it.

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