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PLUS: Secret Behind Airbnb's Billion-Dollar Empire


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Today's topics:

  1. Disenshittification of Google

  2. A tool to Explain any concept like you’re 5 (ELI5)

  3. One recommended video on The Secret Behind Airbnb's Billion-Dollar Empire

Disenshittification of Google

Nowadays, whenever you perform a Google Search, there is an AI Generated Overview filling your results.

However, SEOs have found out a small trick that gets you the old Google without AI Overviews.

You just add a simple &udm=14 parameter to Google Search.

But that is too cumbersome to do.

Luckily, someone made an alternative to it.

Its called UDM14.


And they are using it to promote their other project like Dumb Domain.

It got over 1 million views just from X.

I bet this has massive potential to get over 5m-10m views (it probably has already) from all the PR sites and SEOs for a short while atleast before Google shuts the loophole down.

If you search Google for "udm14.com -site:udm14.com", you'll see how many Press Releases are written for it. That means additional traffic to promote your other projects to the right people.

Google Dork UDM14

Next time you see such an opportunity, buy a smart domain name and try to go viral. You'll get tons of backlinks that you can use to increase your domain authority by redirecting the viral domain and hosting it on your main project’s subdomain. I'd also collect emails so all the traffic doesn't get lost.

You have to move fast because these opportunities don't last long. It has a specific time window to execute but if you time it right, you get massive returns from such opportunities.

I bet the traffic this site got could've been easily taken $100k or more in paid ads.

A tool to Explain any concept like you’re 5 (ELI5)

ELI5 stands for Explain like I'm 5.

This tool lets you explain a concept like you are 5.

This video gives a good take from a Growth Hackers POV on The Secret behind Airbnb's Billion-Dollar Empire and a secret story.

And your boy also gets a shout-out. Go watch it. Remember, the last time I mentioned how click velocity matters in ranking higher in the search. Go watch the video so you can trick YouTube algorithm to rank it higher although you need to be a big influencer to make a realistic difference.

Anyways, in the middle of the video, you get a story that hasn't been told elsewhere about a great PR hack that got someone viral on every big news channel. We are talking 100m+ views. Alright, I won't spoil it further.

Tweet of the day

Not enough people study China. They are 5 years ahead on most stuff.

Rabbit Holes

  1. This is 70% of Doing SEO - Real example that you can Google which ranks using these basic techniques for SEO so you can copy it for your own sites.

  2. Google Trends - Underrated Tool - Covers everything you need to know about Google Trends and how to actually use it.

  3. 2024 predictions - I love when smart people make predictions. You can visit it a year later and see how many they got right and follow the ones who actually get most stuff right. Pattern-matching is a real thing unless a black swan event happens.

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