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Welcome to the 93rd issue.

Today's topics:

  1. Tweet for Discount

  2. A library of Biggest Proven, Profitable Startup Ideas To Pick

  3. One recommended video on Making $1M/Year With Ghostwriting

Tweet for Discount

There is a certain segment of customers who might want your product for $50 or $100 less than its usual price.

Now you can always give them one-off discounts but why not use them to your advantage.

Notchnook did the same.

Notchnook - Tweet for Discount

They offer 35% off if you tweet about it.

If you click on "Already posted?", they check your username.

Notchnook - Check Username

You can edit the tweet so it doesn't look templatized which I assume most people do but many are lazy to self-edit so they will just post it as is.

You can create multiple variations of it using AI so people tweet different things.

This is what celebrities do under Movie Trailers if you closely look at their comments section. Fake it till you make it.

Bonus points if you include images and videos as Twitter seems to be pushing it.

One person did tweet about it and someone dunked on it to make it go viral enough to get 500k+ views.

This can be manufactured through theme pages ran by teenagers who get a lot of engagement and don't know how to monetize. Read Trust Me I'm Lying by Ryan Holiday on how to manufacture virality.

I'm pretty sure the dunk must've brought atleast 100+ more sales than it would've gotten otherwise.

This product is a good-to-have, not must-have. If it was a must-have product, it would convert into more sales.

A library of Biggest Proven, Profitable Startup Ideas To Pick

Inspostories is the biggest library of profitable and proven ideas to pick from so you can build your own products knowing that it'll 100% work.

This video covers how to start Ghostwriting from getting your 1st client to making it a $1m per year business.

This will be more common for high-ticket coaches, agencies or VCs so they can focus more on scaling their business rather than playing the algorithm game which changes every once in a while.

Morning Brew's co-founder is busy building Storyarb, a $10m per year ghostwriting business so the opportunity is there.

Top Tweets of the day


Hire International Workers Faster and Cheaper. Source: Link

Mehtab auto-deletes tweets so I had to screenshot this. Offshore businesses are built upon this hack.


Genius hack on making more money by changing your pricing psychologically. Read the whole damn tweet thread as it has pricing optimizations that would cost you $5000 for a consultation.

Rabbit Holes

  1. Basics of Google search operators - Most people don't know how to use Google Dorks but if you want to see good results from Google, learn it. Useful to make sure LLMs aren't hallucinating if you need data to back it up.

  2. Why bottom-of-the-funnel SEO is the game-changer your B2B needs - Closet Tools made $100k+ from just 5 blogs for a long time using Bottom Of Funnel Keywords.

  3. I dropped out of college and now make up to $5,000 a month as a 'meme lord' - Memes can make millions. Memes are everywhere and the one who can make people laugh goes far. The hard part is to actually be funny. Thankfully, AI is getting real good at humor so now everyone can become a memer.

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