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Today's topics:

  1. Slack's Hyperbolic Ads

  2. A tool to Do 10x Work Using AI Agents

  3. One recommended video on Outworking Everyone

Slack's Hyperbolic Ads

The thing that got my attention when I first noticed Slack (probably 8-10 years ago) is its Mars Ads.

Slack Mars Ad

It immediately got my interest as talking about Mars wasn't as mainstream back then as it is now.

In reality, Slack is just a chat app but the way they communicated with this ad immediately put it on my radar.

They used positive valence (awe) and associated a chat tool to Mars missions making it pretty memorable.

If an ad has either positive valence (awe) or negative valence (unpleasant), they are usually remembered more often. They just have to evoke an emotion.

Think about the best movies you've watched. Every single one of them created an emotion.

Many startups show case studies that look ludicrous on the surface but get the attention.

Imagine you are scrolling through your Facebook feed and you see an ad stating "She made $100,000 in 8 days" which would break your pattern enough to notice and pay attention.

Slack could've used any generic ad but they specifically chose to connect it to Mars with a background image of the planet itself to get everyone's attention.

A tool to Do 10x Work Using AI Agents

Otto AI is insane. This is the future of AI Agents where they do 10x faster work on your behalf for 1/10th the cost.

The output is shown in table format which is a different UI than expected.

The guy behind it has shared some pretty interesting takes on X about AI, specifically AI Agents.

This video covers optimizations on outworking everyone.

All successful people have one thing in common: they work hard on the right things.

When you work hard and you work hard on the right things, you move 10x faster than your competition at the same time.

Top Tweets of the day


Every brand should own a faceless channel in their own niche. They are relatively easy to create and maintain with AI and a VA.

Plus you can use them to get better reach on your main account.

Create 10 faceless channels that covers news and interviews about your industry like how Intro does on X and use them to push your main one.

100k followers theme page makes $3k per month in sponsorships which can pay for the VA itself. But selling your own product would make much more than that.

There's no downside to owning 10s or even 100s of such pages, only upside.


Logo makers make millions a month on App Store and Web.

"Take a simple idea and take it seriously."

~ Charlie Munger

Rabbit Holes

  1. Grow Your YouTube Channel with Banger Scripts - We can all learn from YouTubers on how to grab attention with eye-catching titles and thumbnails. The cross over with paid ads is insane. After all, both tap into human psychology.

  2. I’m a Clay Expert - making cold email great again in 2024. AMA - Clay AI is an insane product. There are Clay Experts popping up nowadays. The product is real good so if this works, it'll be the new Notion. You can capitalize on it by positioning yourself as a Clay-based Automation Agency or sell templates on top of Clay. Huge market in the coming years. I'm calling it early.

  3. [PIC] how I got paid 70k for writing a week’s worth of emails - Writing really good sales emails that brings in more sales for course creators than they would've gotten otherwise is a great way to make money as a copywriter. The caveat is you have to be really good at it. This post covers exactly what you need to do to get there.

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