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Today's topics:

  1. Closet Tools Marketing

  2. A tool to Check Your Online Rankings in Real Time for Free

  3. One recommended video on Claude crushing GPT-4o

Closet Tools Marketing

Closet Tools is a browser extension that helps you make more sales, get more followers, and automatically share items on Poshmark.

It is a plugin built on top of a social commerce marketplace called Poshmark. Poshmark is a platform where users can buy and sell new and secondhand fashion, home goods, and electronics.

1. Solve your own problem

This business was built by Jordan O'Connor. His wife's friend introduced his wife to Poshmark and he was observing what they were doing.

Poshmark incentivizes engagement on its platform. So if you want to sell stuff, you must share your products frequently to your followers and groups. So if someone has more products, they would have to spend their entire day just sharing.

He noticed the significant pain point for Poshmark sellers and the time-consuming nature of manually sharing items to get more items.

Since he was learning web development at the time, he thought he could automate it and he did just that. His wife was able to get 20k followers and became a Poshmark Ambassador after a year.

He blogged about it on his personal blog and was getting emails from people every week who wanted to use that extension. It was a small bookmarklet with <50 lines of code.

He later turned that into a full-fledged Chrome Extension (~3000 lines of code) and got users from Reddit within the first day of beta-testing on the /r/Poshmark subreddit.

2. SEO

He bought an expensive course from Viperchill on SEO for $2500. To do that, he maxed out his Credit Card but got more than 100x the ROI on that course.

He started blogging about Poshmark on the Closet Tools blog and soon got tons of customers from it.

At one point, he got majority of traffic from only 5 blog posts. Even now, he only has 15 blog posts in total.

The quality of blogs matter more than the quantity of blogs. Turns out, he was using bottom of funnel SEO targetting transactional terms.

His advantage was he had less competition.

3. Pricing

He positioned it as a dollar a day. It was priced in a way that makes it look cheap.

The copy reads like this:

"Simple pricing, massive results. Save hours of time every day for $1 a day."

Closet Tools Pricing

4. Build In Public

The biggest mistake Jordan made during his rise was to talk too much about his simple product in public. He went on podcasts like IndieHackers and blogged/tweeted to get likes from other Indiehackers when he was already making too much money. He had $41k MRR and had already made $500k from it.

This caused his MRR to drop significantly to $28k MRR and competition to pop up. Turns out, you can see the code of any Chrome Extension with a few tricks as it is on the client side. The best you can do is minify it but its still readable for the smart programmers and ChatGPT can now unminify while naming variables.

The lesson is when you are in a niche within a niche, its better to shut your mouth until the money glitch stops working. You will never hear about kids making $100k per month from Runscape or Minecraft plugins.

But Jordan still made over ~$1m from his Chrome Extension and he still regrets being too open about his numbers. He currently has his own course on SEO and does incredible breakdowns on his X account.

"If something you built saves people time, saves them money, or helps make them money, it's actually a disservice to others not to promote it."

A tool to Check Your Online Rankings in Real Time for Free

SERP Checker is an online ranking checker that lets you find your websites Search Engine ranking position instantly in real time for free.

This video covers how Claude crushes GPT-4o.

One thing I've noticed with ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude is that Claude is best at writing and now even coding.

ChatGPT has been watered down as it has the most demand but it can't keep up with it. Gemini has Google so burning money doesn't matter to them as they have too many billions lying around.

With Claude, they do have message cap limit which stops most people from using it to its fullest. As of now, Claude works much better than the others with fewer prompt skills needed. Claude is the Midjourney of Chat AI.

Top Tweets of the day


Terrific PR tip. Backlinks matter. The blog post and the site it links to are in unrelated niches.


If you know how to manipulate the algorithm at scale using filters and removing metadata, you will be printing money.

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