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Today's topics:

  1. Fame Jacking

  2. A tool to Get Clicks On YouTube by Previewing Your Thumbnail

  3. One recommended video on Meeting with High GDP People in Low GDP Places

Fame Jacking

Fame Jacking is the most effective strategy to blow up and get more views.

The idea is simple. Use celebrities' or influencers’ names and create content around them to take advantage of familiarity bias.

Rather than creating content on "how to get 6 pack abs", create content on "how to get 6 pack abs like ronaldo". Yes, this is a real YouTube autocomplete if you try "6 pack abs like" in YouTube search.

If you write stories about celebrities or influencers, there is a good chance that they will share them with their audience on X if they like your content enough. In the case of YouTube, the algorithm will recommend them.

And sometimes their audience could be a massive help for you to blow up.

1. Paddy Galloway's Early YouTube Videos

If you look at Paddy Galloway's YouTube Channel, his oldest videos 7 years ago have tons of views.

Fame Jacking by Paddy Galloway on YouTube

All thanks to Fame Jacking on Big YouTuber’s name.

2. Polina Marinova Pompliano's post on The Rock

Polina Marinova Pompliano wrote a mega post on The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, who was once the highest-paid movie star on earth.

He shared it with his audience. Polina had an already huge following before The Rock reposted it on his X account but it still introduced her work to new people.

3. Mr.Beast with PewDiePie

When PewDiePie was feuding with T-Series to be the most-subscribed YouTube channel, Mr.Beast took the opportunity to use both channels’ fame to insert himself into the conversation.

He bought billboards for PewDiePie.

Fame Jacking by Mr.Beast on PewDiePie and T-Series name

The trick worked and every media outlet covered it.

Mind you, Mr.Beast wasn't as big back then. Only recently, he surpassed T Series as the most-subscribed YouTube channel.

4. Marketing Examples on Nomadlist

One of the very first articles on Marketing Examples was about Nomadlist's long-tail keywords that blew up on X thanks to a repost by Pieter Levels.

5. Tim Ferriss with Seinfeld

When Tim Ferriss got Jerry Seinfeld on his show, he ran the same Facebook Ad of Seinfeld for a long time.

The reach of Seinfeld is bigger than most actors today. Because most people don't go to a movie because an actor is in it. There's very few actors who can do it today like Tom Cruise and Leonardo Dicaprio. But most people do go to a comedy show for their favorite standup comedian.

Friends and Seinfeld are extremely famous around the world, not just USA.

Even though Tim Ferriss is famous in the tech and podcast world, compared to Seinfeld, he is still a minnow.

You can always try Fame Jacking because there's always someone who's more famous than you.

Final Fame Jacking Tips

You need to find celebrities or influencers where the supply doesn't meet the demand (search volume) for their name.

If you write about Elon Musk now, it will be harder to stand out because every news publication on earth uses his name to get more clicks.

But you can write about a no name celebrity who is in a big movie. If the movie works, their search stock will explode.

For example, writing about Cilian Murphy before Oppenheimer or Margot Robbie before Barbie would have exploded when someone searched their name after the movies became a worldwide blockbuster.

And this only happens when you are ready with multiple variations of the article.

When most celebrities are in ICU, there are 2 articles written to Fame Jack on their name.

Use Fame Jacking but use it sparingly. Look at Tim Ferriss on how he does it. He got Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthew McConaughey, and Jerry Seinfeld but he invited them sparingly so as to keep the guest list interesting rather than overloading with mainstream celebrities.

A tool to Get Clicks On YouTube by Previewing Your Thumbnail

Clickpilot is the ultimate tool to get clicks on Youtube.

In the world full of clickbaits, the only way to stand out is to make thumbnails that stand out.

Thumbnail is a metaphor for Book Cover, Movie Poster, your Dating Profile, or an Ad.

People do judge a book by its cover and this tool shows you exactly how you can use it.

The demo is a masterclass in UI/UX Design.

This video covers a lot of strategies on how to be social when you go to an event and a secret place on the internet.

Turns out, there are psychological tricks to get people to like you in just 1 meeting. That's an insane ROI.

Tweet of the day

Pieter Levels wrote a brilliant thread in 2017 that gave an MBA masterclass.

My favorite lesson from the thread, "You're either low priced and high volume (many customers) or high priced and low volume (few customers), you NEVER want to be in the middle!"

Rabbit Holes

  1. Make the First 90 Days Count - Turns out, you don't need more time, you need better priorities. 90 days are enough if you actually do the stuff that moves the needle and ruthlessly cut out things that don't move the needle.

  2. How to use psychology to make winning ads - Most people go about creating multiple variations but not Sarah Levinger. She starts with the emotions. And this post covers clever usage of ChatGPT. She created a humourous ad in just a few minutes. The people who know how to use AI will have a 100x productivity increase rather than 10x. Compound interest with AI Tools is massive.

  3. Newsletters value go to zero, ebook generator ai, agency for unlimited influencer reachout - Newsletters are saturated now. The only way to survive the newsletter game is to supplement it with your own products. VC Funding went dry now unless you're in AI. And the same goes for newsletters. Its so easy to create one now thanks to Substack, Beehiiv, and ConvertKit. Rothschild is famous for saying that "the best time to buy is when there's blood in the streets" so there will be a few big winners here.

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