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Elon Musk's PR Masterclass

Elon Musk is a masterclass in PR.

1. Cybertruck's Broken Window

When Elon Musk threw a metal ball at the launch of Tesla's CyberTruck, the glass broke.

Was it a fluke? Or was it planned?

I guess only Elon Musk knows.

But what we do know is it was covered by every newspaper out there.

Cybertruck sold 200,000 orders in just 3 days after launch.

And as Ryan Holiday has stated in his book "Trust Me I'm Lying", most influencers and celebs play dumb or simply lie to get more views and make more sales.

Bdw, Elon never intended to stay as a CEO for long but he still made sure to make this tweet.

2. Sell the dream

Elon Musk understands that you have to sell a broader vision rather than selling a perfect product.

He always makes it about saving humanity.

SpaceX doesn't just make rockets. Its about saving humanity by taking it to Mars.

Tesla doesn't just sell electronic cars. Its about making earth environmental friendly.

X isn't about owning a media company. Its about having free speech and saving the world from the mind virus that was Twitter.

3. Re-building X from First Principles

Elon Musk is constantly in News either for doing something great or doing something nasty but he does manage to get the press talking about him.

Previously, he launched View Counts on X and every social media platform followed.

Recently, X made likes private and some people liked it while some didn't but it got massive coverage in media.

Now, Elon Musk is contemplating about removing likes and only keeping views as the barometer of content.

Every new feature shipped by a Big Social Media Company gets backlinks from news sites and tons of PR from outside the platform. On the platform itself, tons of people criticize the decisions via Quote-Tweets or reply to the team with better suggestions.

No matter what Elon does, it always makes his way in the PR.

A tool to Manage Your Personal and Professional Relationships

Clay Earth manages all your personal and professional relationships in a CRM. Their Twitter Integration is sickkk!

One thing I've learned about people is they love if someone's listening to them. And if you successfully manage to reference past conversations, they'll like you so much more.

The bar is so low that if you jot down a few notes about someone and remember them the next time you meet them, they'll instantly like you.

"People under-appreciate how much smarter you can appear if you prepare 20 minutes before a meeting. A mentor of mine told me this and I have not stopped doing it since. Do 20 minutes of research and preparation for the important calls that you have. You will be surprised how you blow people away with your 20 minutes of prep. Most people who run meetings are not willing to put the 20 minutes in ahead of time and are willing to waste hours of other people's time."

~ Alex Hormozi

This video makes a few great points about Elon Musk and Steve Jobs from a marketing standpoint.

TIL Steve Jobs used 6-7 different prototypes of iPhones, each performing specific functions during his infamous 2007 presentation because none of them had the full functionality.

Jobs discreetly switched between prototypes during the presentation.

They were shipping MVPs instead of a perfect product as a billion-dollar company in 2007.

Top Tweets of the day


If you do Cold Email, follow this Spintaxing Guide to stay out of spam.


If you want to access Ubersuggest Lifetime plan for $40, this is the hack.

Many SaaS companies don't need subscription fees. They can have one-time fees. But entrepreneurs are so obssessed with subscription revenue and afraid to start over that they don't realize that their subscription LTV (LifeTime Value) is far less than their one-time LTV.

With AI, Subscription Bubble is over for products that should actually be one-time. Now, its either pay per task, pay per credit, or one-time fee unless it warrants a subscription. Customers aren't stupid.

Rabbit Holes

  1. The “Peaks” Model: How To Boost Customer Lifetime Value & Unlock Hidden Profits - Early on, I used to think you should tell your customers everything all at once for a one-time fee but its bad for the business and bad for the customer. There is a reason school is designed in a way that you have to go through several grades to finally graduate. Peaks Model is just like that for an Educational Business. If you ever want to make an education product, follow this model from someone who has made over $10m from an educational product while working only 6 days a month.

  2. THIS email brought in 537,000 dollars worth of sales - If you learn copywriting well, you can make $100k+ for writing a few emails. Gary Halbert made $100k+ per letter in the 80s. Today's best copywriters do it online while making millions.

  3. The "Egg Theory" of AI Agents - When you don't work to earn something, it feels meaningless. Like how all rich people's kids get numbed because they don't have to work for money. It is similar with AI Agents. The winners in the AI Agents race will be the startups that make people feel like they have to work for it to get a job done. AI-assisted, not AI-automated.

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