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  1. Social Engineering in Clubs

  2. A tool to Dump Your Thoughts using Voice

  3. One recommended video on Sneaking Into the Most Exclusive Clubs in NYC

Social Engineering in Clubs

When you want to go into exclusive access in nightclubs as a guy in New York City and you don't know anyone, you use Social Engineering.

Edward Sturm tells his story of how he gained access to the most exclusive clubs as a guy with no connections and fame.

This club is extremely exclusive compared to other parts of the world. The people in these clubs are very accomplished in their fields. They include models, famous athletes, actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

To enter such clubs, you need either fame, connections, beauty, or wealth. The entrance fees are well over $1000.

When you try to enter such clubs as a guy with no connections, you straight up get rejected.

So what Edward used to do was ask for doormen's names after getting rejected and then write them down on his phone with the name of the bar.

And next time when it had already been many days or weeks, he'd return while greeting the doormen by names all while acting all friendly.

This made the doormen think they already knew him.

This is how he became friends with the doormen while gaining regular access to the clubs.

This is kind of similar to how most people use Social Engineering if you ever listen to the Social Engineering episodes on Dark Net Diaries.

In fact, in the movie Drishyam 2, this is how the protagonist is shown to befriend one of his friends who works in the hospital. For context, the protagonist is accused of murder.

There are many coincidences in life. But in real life, Social Engineers exist when the stakes are high. And the stakes are high when it comes to business (money) or war. Either your boss hires them or your competitors. But it is a great way to extract information.

Average people can easily be fooled with innocent questions.

A tool to Dump Your Thoughts using Voice

Voice Notes is the future of how we will write.

Dictation is 3 times faster than typing. If you do any kind of content online, you must learn to talk coherently. This is harder than I thought it would be. It takes massive amounts of reps even when talking about things you know about.

The site is running $50 lifetime license which you can grab now. Plus you can try a free 1-minute voice note to see how it works. It actually summarizes what you talk. Pretty useful.

This video covers the whole backstory of sneaking into the most exclusive clubs in NYC and gives a peek into how Social Engineering happens in the real world. Sounds pretty fun to do that. It has a few different social engineering techniques too.

Top Tweets of the day


Voicenotes is how people in future will communicate.

Around 50 years ago, we had GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) because computers couldn't understand language so we invented keyboard and mouse. But now, computers can understand language thanks to AI.

In future, voice would be a much better way to type stuff out than typing. It is faster than typing and lots of new people have started sending me voice notes while communicating via text nowadays. It is annoying as a listener but hopefully every messenger app will soon expand the voice into a text-based summary using Whisper-like model.


"Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior."

~ James Clear

Your environments affect you a lot more than you think. A good environment can make you and a bad one can break you.

"The central idea is to create an environment where doing the right thing is as easy as possible. Much of the battle of building better habits comes down to finding ways to reduce the friction associated with our good habits and increase the friction associated with our bad ones."

~ James Clear

Rabbit Holes

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  2. A Dive into Bot Eat Brain’s Newsletter Success (Podcast Notes) - 2022 and 2023 were wild market when everyone was starting an AI newsletter. Many are struggling now but few out executed while riding the AI Wave to get much bigger. There is something about riding a wave. The 3rd wave of AI is near. If you are building a SaaS, pay attention and build something fast. If you are a marketer, join the right ones early on. If the bet works out, you'll make life-changing amounts of money to never work again.

  3. 18 Marketing and Distribution Tactics for Documentary Film Makers - A very unique post on distribution strategies for film makers. If you search for general terms nowadays, most films pop up. For example, The Godfather is a popular English movie that was made 50 years ago. Newer filmmakers are making films with the same name so it grabs some of these search terms and ranks above all thanks to higher CTR. Turns out, filmmakers of this generation know about SEO very well.

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