YouTube Thumbnail Playbook: Make $10k/month in 15 mins/day using Midjourney AI

PLUS: Peter Kaufman on the multidisciplinary approach to thinking

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Welcome to the 3rd issue. We're gonna learn how to make world-class thumbnails today.

Thumbnails come in many forms and they are the reason people check your profile (pfp) on social media, or buy your book by checking its cover.

Or click a link on your newsletter on Social Media. But we will be using an example of YouTube video.

Make no mistake, thumbnails are everywhere. People do judge a book by its cover.

Today's topics:

  1. The hottest side-hustle in AI: YouTube Thumbnails

  2. A site that lets you find overlapping subreddits

  3. One recommended video on the multi-disciplinary approach to thinking

YouTube Thumbnails x AI

This is the hottest AI side-hustle right now.

You can learn it in 1 week and start making easy money with it.

Why easy? Because AI will create the image in 5 minutes and make you $250 per thumbnail.

This is a deep-dive into the YouTube Thumbnail industry with links on how to make viral thumbnails and how many formats (yes, there is a finite number) are there so you can copy them.

And the best part? This skill can be used in other industries as well so you learn this skill once & can use it everywhere from Movie Posters to Ebook Designs to T-Shirt Designs to Big Banner Ads.

If you are looking for getting started videos that'll take you from 0 to 100 in the shortest possible time, you can watch all of these in the exact order as listed below:

But if you are short on time and want to learn everything in ~40 minutes, then just watch #1 and #2.

Isaac's Viral Thumbnails

Nour's Thumbnails Like Celebrities

That's more than enough to get you started on the journey to making thumbnails.

You can also follow Twitter Accounts specializing in Thumbnails and resources like Thumbnails101.

But what thumbnails should I practice with?

Well, it depends on your niche.

I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos so I have a list of channels that have the best Thumbnails in Startups, Marketing, Business, and Entrepreneurship niche:

Magnates Media Thumbnails

Just try to recreate thumbnails shown in these channels (Pro-Tip: Sort by Popular) to practice creating 100s of Thumbnails.

But how do I create it? Glad, you asked.

You use Midjourney. Why? Because its simply the most beautiful AI image generator out there.

Yes, if you know how to use Stable Diffusion and Dall-E, you can use them but they are a lot harder to learn.

Just buy a $10/month Midjourney subscription and be done with it.

How do you learn Midjourney? Well, there's countless channels on YouTube and tons of courses on Udemy and Teachable.

I'll recommend a few courses here from Udemy, Teachable, and Gumroad:

Or you can watch YouTube videos as they cover everything but they aren't as structured as courses:

These aren't ordered in anyway so watch them to your liking.

Okay, so now you've learned this skill. How do you get paid?

You simply do free work for YouTubers permissionlessly.


"If you want to catch the attention of someone you admire, give yourself a job working for them."

Now you know how to do the work but where to find them?

You can find them on YouTube but there's a better idea.

Use YT Jobs and sort by Thumbnail Designer to find real jobs from YouTubers.

YTJobs - Sort by Thumbnail Designer

Once you have a profile and some clients, you can ask them to Vouch for you and give you Testimonials.

YTJobs - TKG's Profile

And since YouTube isn't dying and thumbnail is the most important thing to grow on YouTube, this job is never going to go away.

You can be confident that if you learn this right, it will make money for you forever.

Finally, if you need inspiration for World-Class prompts, visit Promptbase and search for "youtube" to find youtube-related thumbnails. You can sort by Midjourney to find Midjourney-specific YouTube thumbnails.

Promptbase - YouTube Thumbnail Generator

Promptbase - YouTube Thumbnails

That's it!

Now you can go make YouTube Thumbnails using Midjourney to earn an extra $10k/month.

Remember, images are used everywhere and in the attention economy, great images get all the attention as humans are visual animals.

A site that lets you find overlapping subreddits

If you want to find a niche (entrepreneur) that is related to another niche (small business), then you can use this tool to find similar subreddits by user overlap.

Subreddit by User Overlap

If you've checked my welcome email, I've recommended a PDF in it that contains a list of world's best speeches. It has a speech by Peter Kaufman that is so mind-blowing that it explains much of the world.

If you haven't read it, you should definitely watch this video and then read it again. Its 21-pages of worldly wisdom.

It will give you the highest ROI of the day, possibly year. I'm not kidding. Go watch the video or read the speech and let me know if you liked it.

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