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Today's topics:

  1. Destroy competitors ranking with Blackhat SEO

  2. A tool to hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks

  3. One recommended video on building for Viral Growth by Musical ly's Alex Zhu

Destroy competitors ranking with Blackhat SEO

Blackhat stuff can be used for good. Or for bad.

Either you get yourself. Or pull others down.

Google is notorious for ranking sites on 2 main things: Keywords and Backlinks.

No matter what Google spokespersons say, backlinks do matter.

And one way to differentiate between a good site and a bad site is through backlinks.

If backlinks are from high-authority websites, then the site is good to rank higher.

If backlinks are from spammy sites, then the site is bad so decrease its ranking.

So if you want to destroy your competitors ranking, you only need to do one simple thing, provide them with terrible spammy backlinks in the shortest possible time.

The site must have low page authority as well as low domain authority as we want to decrease the ranking.

If you want to increase the ranking, then use high page authority and high domain authority and drip feed it slowly.

The way to do it is use a site that uses PBN (Private Blog Networks) like Kevin’s PBN’s.

Kevin's PBN

A PBN (Private Blog Network) is a collection of websites that are owned by the same person or entity and created to manipulate search engine rankings. It involves creating numerous websites with the intention of linking back to a single site in an attempt to manipulate its ranking in search results pages.

If done correctly, Google won't have a clue about it. That's why Blackhat SEO is such a huge field.

Blackhat techniques work in every field no matter what big tech tells you, not just SEO.

From manipulating Amazon's review system to ranking #1 for a product category to getting Local Businesses to rank using fake Google Reviews is a thing.

You can buy the package for as little as $50 to destroy a competitor using this sneaky little tactic.

There are people who actually do this kind of stuff. Business is like war. Anything goes.

A tool to hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks

If you want to search someone on other platforms, just use Sherlock.

It hunts down your target on other social media sites with just 1 command.

The only thing you need is their username to find them on other social sites.

This tool is primarily used by investigators doing OSINT or by people who want to get a clue on what their target actually likes or dislikes.

You can use it to impress your interviewer if you know who is interviewing you by stalking their socials beforehand.

I don't know why but the original video got taken down on YouTube by someone.

Thankfully, someone had a copy of it and uploaded it to a new channel.

It only has 181 views now but the insights are exceptional.

Alex Zhu was a "futurist of education". He is the co-founder of Musical ly which went onto become TikTok.

He wanted to build an education short-form video app but it failed. That led him to one insight:

"Education is a little bit against human nature. If you look at how people use their phone, the majority of people are using their phone to communicate and entertain (play games, using social media, or messaging)."

~ Alex Zhu

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  3. The Great Online Game - How to win the internet.

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